Weed killer manure wipes out crops

British gardeners should be wary that a batch of manure infected by weed killer has been on sale around the country.

The manure was wrongly labelled organic and has destroyed crops in a number of locations.

The Royal Horticultural Society is aware of the situation and head of horticultural services Guy Barter explained that it was a nationwide problem.

"Weve had reports all over the country from Scotland to the south coast," he said.

"Were talking about scores of allotments up and down the country. Its very widespread.

"Its not surprising because the weed killer is a market leader."

Although not considered toxic, the contaminated manure can kill plants indiscriminately, with one poor man losing his 30-year-old dahlias.

The weed killer in question is Forefront and it accidentally found its way into the manure after cattle ingested the grass it had been sprayed on and passed it as manure.

Although the product has been recalled, it is believed that it could stay active in manure piles for as long as three years.