Watering your Gabriel Ash greenhouse

To keep your plants at their best, it is vital that you provide them with regular care. Gabriel Ash not only offers a wide selection of greenhouses but also a variety of greenhouse accessories that will help you to keep your greenhouse and plants healthy.

As your plants will be enclosed in your greenhouse, they will need watering every day, as the lack of access to rain will leave them thirsty. The warmer weather can also cause your greenhouse to become overheated, which will leave your plants in need of water. However, some types of exotic plants or desert type plants such as cacti will thrive in the heat and require very little water. Researching the needs of any plants that you are planning to grow will help you to provide them with just the right amount of water.

When providing your plants with water, it is vital that the water hits the soil properly so that the plants remain healthy. Be sure to water your plants thoroughly when using a watering can or hosepipe so that the soil receives proper access to the water. However, some plants need less water than others, so it is important that you avoid over-watering them. Due to constant access to water, mould or mildew may occur in parts of your greenhouse, so it is vital that you install special mats or greenhouse staging that is rot resistant.

Installing your greenhouse closer to your home will offer you more convenience when it comes to watering your plants. Lean to greenhouse are a particularly ideal design, as they are usually attached to a wall outside your kitchen, giving you easy access to water supplies and making it easier for you to care for your plants.

Working out a routine will enable you to provide your plants with regular care. As the weather grows warmer, it is vital that you work out a routine that will enable you to water your plants regularly. Extra ventilation and plenty of shade will also help to keep your plants healthy during summer.

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