Water in gardening areas can help attract birds

The Calgary Horticultural Society (CHS) has advised that putting water in gardening areas can help attract birds.

In an article published in the Calgary Herald, bird-loving garden owners were told that water is vital for the chirping and whistling creatures for both drinking and bathing.

Water features such as high-end waterfalls, birdbaths or inexpensive, shallow bowls can, the CHS said, "attract birds and provide hours of delightful viewing".

The article highlighted the fact that "our feathered friends rarely turn down a free lunch" and "you do not have to break the bank on birdseed" to feed them well.

Planting shrubs and trees that produce fruit can also see your garden filled with sweet bird song.

When buying a bird table it is best to remember that size matters. The roofed ones are ideal for keeping the food dry and can provide some protection from aerial predators but may prevent some larger species from feeding.

A website called garden-birds.co.uk has drawn up a list of popular modern bird food – which includes mealworms, raisins, peanuts and apples.