Water features advice

US TV programme Home & Garden Television has been giving advice on water features.

It says that regardless of size or style, a water feature can give an attractive edge to the garden – both visibly and audibly.

Submerged or floating plants can help ward off troublesome algae as it needs light and nutrients to survive.

And if youre planning to keep fish in your garden, it recommends taking care of the water to help them live longer.

"Stabilise your water," it suggests.

"Youll have to make sure the waters pH falls between six and eight; dechlorinate the water (if thats a problem) for the sake of your fish; and consider pumps and filters."

This should also keep the water clean and help the aesthetic appeal of the feature.

A range of useful gardening books are available with information and advice on installing a water feature.

Water garden expert Charles Thomas book Water Gardens (Houghton Mifflin, 1994) is a good starting point, according to Sun Times News.