Watch Less TV Get Into the Garden

A report in the New Zealand has revealed that watching less television and spending more time in the garden can help you to reduce your ecological footprint.

Ella Lawton, research manager at Otago Polytechnic, believes that we spend 19.6% percent of our waking life working and a further 14% watching television. Whilst Ms Lawton doesn’t begrudge us putting our feet up and watching television after a hard day’s work, she also emphasised that spending less time indoors and more time tending to the garden will help reduce each individual’s ecological footprint.

This approach has a two pronged effect. Growing plants and trees in your garden will have a significant effect on reducing pollution levels, and secondly, turning the television off will result in a reduction in power usage and by extension a reduction in fossil fuels being burnt.

Ms Lawson highlighted localised approach would help to reduce our footprint. Utilising our gardens, backyards and parks for growing food will lead to a more sustainable environmental future.

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