Washington gardeners to get expert advice

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts in the Sequim area of Washington state are set to benefit from the advice of a horticultural expert.

According to the Sequim Gazette, Washington State University-certified master gardener Jeanette Stehr-Green is set to hold a clinic next month.

The expert will host the event on November 9th at the Clallam County Courthouse in Port Angeles.

Local growers will be able to bring along houseplant and gardening problems for Ms Stehr-Green to diagnose and cure.

Some of the subjects explored will include fungal and bacterial infections, environmental exposures, chemicals and insect damage.

The specialist has a wealth of experience in such matters, having managed the Port Angeles clinic in 2004 and 2005 and been county plant clinic chairman during 2006 and 2007.

Having also written numerous articles on horticulture, Ms Stehr-Green is well placed to answer any questions that growers may have.

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