Warm up for spring with indoor gardening

Garden and greenhouse growers hoping to get into the swing of things in time for the spring growing season can practice their skills on houseplants, it has been claimed.

According to Mlive.com, tending to indoor plants, such as those in the greenhouse, can be a great way to warm up for the transition back to outdoor gardening.

The online resource gave a number of hints and tips on how to stop disease and insects attacking such specimens and explained how to spot other problems.

It revealed that brown leaf tips can often be down to the simple act of over watering or too much fertiliser.

Similarly, pale, curled leaves with brown edges often mean the plant has been over exposed to light and could do with some shade.

Brown spots are also a sign of sun scorch, which is reportedly common in plants left in the midday sun.

Meanwhile, yellow leaf edges often mean more watering is needed or that the soil is short of micronutrients such as iron and magnesium.

Meanwhile, the Leaf Chronicle revealed that Tennessee master gardener David Neblett recently shared his wisdom with the local Farm Bureau Women.