Wall lights can make a space seem larger

The use of wall lights can help to make a room appear more spacious, according to the British Interior Design Association (Bida).

Dean Keyworth, former chairman of Bida, explains that fittings known as wall washers can make a space feel taller if it has a low ceiling as illumination comes out of both the top and bottom of the fixtures.

Those eager to make a room such as a conservatory feel more homely could make use of other lighting.

Mr Keyworth explains: "That is where the table lamps come in, because you can have table lamps at low levels and wall lights on a dimmer setting to divert the pool of light lower so it feels cosy."

Rooms with a low ceiling should make use of downlighting, he concludes, explaining that this does not place emphasis on the height of a ceiling.

A study carried out by Saga Home Insurance in recent months suggested that 31 per cent of people have undertaken home improvements for purely cosmetic purposes.