Visit Norfolk for a great day out, expert says

Greenhouse enthusiasts interested in a great day out should take a trip to Norfolk, it has been suggested.

In an article for the Daily Telegraph, Bunny Guinness revealed that the south eastern county is home to three of the best places to see exotic plants in the country: the Old Rectory, the Exotic Garden and the Urban Jungle.

At the last of the three, designer Liz Browne has included all manner of varieties on the two-acre Norwich site.

Of particular interest there is the vertical garden, Ms Guinness revealed, especially for those "intrigued by living walls".

Also worth seeing are the dozens of tropical and exotic flowers dotted around the place, the writer stated, adding: "Many of us love the drama, texture and chutzpah these snazzy plants provide."

In a recent article for the Daily Mail, Martyn Cox said the Alpine Garden Society in the village of Wick, near Evesham in Worcestershire, is another great option for people looking to enjoy a day in a public garden.