Vegetable plots should be near the house

Gardening enthusiasts keen to begin growing their own produce should plan their vegetable patches to be as close to the house as possible, a reporter has stated.

Writing in online resource Times Online, Clare Hogan states that this makes it as easy as possible for horticulturalists to head outside from the kitchen and retrieve some herbs or other delicious produce from their plot.

She adds that accessibility is also something to be taken into consideration when it comes to nutrition as it should be as simple as possible to get a wheelbarrow full of manure or compost to the beds.

A flat plot is also desirable as this makes it easier for water to drain away and a sunny location is also a good choice as this provides ideal conditions for most vegetables, although many will cope just as well in semi-shade, Ms Hogan concludes.

Meanwhile, allotment owner Elspeth Thompson writes in the Daily Telegraph that plants can look particularly striking when arranged in a grid formation.