Vegetable growing has many benefits

Digging up a lawn and replacing it with a vegetable bed can bring a number of benefits, an expert has claimed, in news which may interest gardening and greenhouse enthusiasts.

Writing in the Huddersfield Daily Examiner, horticulture specialist Graham Porter said that these include more exercise and fresh air, healthier eating and lower electricity bills.

On top of that, he continued, people can also take advantage of the fact home vegetable growing goes a long way towards "reducing your car journeys to the supermarket and, of course, lowering your carbon foot print".

His comments come after Joyce Russell revealed in the Daily Telegraph that more and more people in the UK are experiencing the joys of growing their own vegetables.

Mr Porter also recommended growing dwarf alpine plants in an old Belfast sink can brighten up any outside space.

He added that there is plenty of advice on how to do that at local garden centres or the Alpine Zone at the Royal Horticultural Society Gardens in Harlow Carr.