Vegetable changeover should be happening now

According to award-winning landscape gardener Bunny Guiness in the Daily Telegraph, vegetables such as cucumbers, aubergines and melons should be brought inside for the winter and replaced with more seasonal greenery like watercress.

Ms Guinness also recommended that chicken wire placed on the floor and sides of greenhouses should keep out any opportunistic rats thinking of taking a free meal from winter produce.

Describing a number of different things that could be grown over the winter, Ms Guiness added: “Rocket is a must and carrots such as Parmex, will grow even in low autumnal temperatures. Greyhound cabbage, sown now, could be planted out at the end of March.”

Earlier this week, former presenter of Gardeners’ World Nigel Colborn said the more alluring people make their gardens in the winter, the more likely they will want to be in it