Using your greenhouse to make you money

Gardeners can make hundreds of pounds a month by simply doing what they love, according to the Daily Express.

With the uncertain financial climate meaning everyone is looking for some spare cash, gardeners with a good greenhouse can make money by propagating seedlings and selling them at local car boot sales and jumble sales.

Jasmine Birtles, the Daily Expresss anti-inflation tipster, said gardeners can start by selling what they already have.

"Get cheap plant pots by going to a local nursery and offering to take some of their used ones off their hands," she advises.

"Many have hundreds lying around and will often hand you a wheelbarrow load for a tenner."

She suggests that seeds like Foxgloves are a good idea as they are cheap to produce yet sell well.

Plants can be propagated fairly quickly in a greenhouse and if you price them at less than the local shops you should make a tidy profit, she says.