Using your Greenhouse to Grow your Own Food

For the avid gardener, a Gabriel Ash greenhouse is a wonderful investment. It is an excellent way of extending your growing season to get the most out of your garden. It enables you to start seeds early in the year, when frost is still on the ground and plants would otherwise not grow. Some people use their greenhouses to start vegetable seeds and protect seedlings until they have grown large enough to be planted in the ground, while others keep their plants inside the greenhouse all summer long to enhance the growing environment and encourage maximum production from the garden.

Greenhouses such as the finely crafted ones built by Gabriel Ash are ideal for container vegetable gardens. With their signature ridge ventilation system, the temperature inside the greenhouse can be regulated even during the hottest days of the summer. You can easily grow an abundance of fresh produce inside your greenhouse; your only limitation may be space. Even a large greenhouse has some limits when it comes to space, but there are plenty of compact hybrid plants available that are designed specifically to grow well in containers, such as tomatoes, cucumbers and several varieties of squash.

Some of these plants yield as well as their larger counterparts, but grow as a small dense bush rather than a vine, and need very little support. If your Gabriel Ash greenhouse has room for hanging plants, plants such as these will also grow very well when hung upside down. You can also grow high-yield strawberry plants in hanging planters. There are also high-yield dwarf blueberry bushes that can be grown inside larger greenhouses. In smaller greenhouses and vinehouses, you might not have as much room for larger plants, but you can still grow delectable herbs and lettuce so that you can have a continuous fresh supply of salad ingredients.

Gabriel Ash also offers a variety of quality greenhouse heaters for people who want to keep their gardens growing during the winter. A heated greenhouse also gives you the option of growing exotic fruits and vegetables that are not indigenous to your climate, such as avocadoes, lemons and oranges. In a year-round greenhouse, you may also need to add UV lighting to help provide your plants with additional light during the winter months when the days are shorter, so that you can keep growing a supply of healthy produce all year round.

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