Using worms to create compost

As garden and greenhouse enthusiasts may know, compost can be a very useful substance when it comes to growing plants.

Expert Ron Crum recently explained to the Daily Press how he uses worms to create his compost, which makes it much more effective than man-made varieties.

It is so nutrient rich that some gardening fans have come to call it "black gold", with the worms turning waste products into something very valuable.

Mr Crum told the news provider how he uses algae from his pond to coat cardboard as a special treat for his little wrigglers.

He likened it to "adding sugar to my cereal" and noted that he uses a mix of small native red wrigglers and European night crawlers, which can delve deeper into his mix of peat moss, cardboard and other waste products.

In other news, has offered growers a number of tips on how to save money in their gardening activities.