Using Rock Salt To De-Ice Your Garden Paths

With the onset of winter, most people in the UK are reassured that even in bad weather conditions, our roads will be cleared of snow and ice by our local councils.

But how many of us think about doing the same on our own driveways and garden paths? It’s a chore that can be overlooked, but one that is vital if we are to stay safe and save time.

Slipping, tripping and falling combine to be the most common form of mishap suffered by people. Although the majority of these are minor enough to be treated at home, more serious injury can be sustained by children or older people, for example, as the winter months take hold. Indeed, figures released from the Hospital Episode Statistics for England for 2014/15 showed an alarming 2919 admissions to UK hospitals, as a direct result of falling over on ice or snow.

In this article, we look at some straightforward and easy to apply methods of ensuring that we clear the way for a safer winter.

As well as ensuring you have a robust snow shovel, a good sweeping brush, sturdy winter boots and warm winter weather clothing, it is also worthwhile stocking up on rock salt, a fail-safe ingredient in icy conditions.

Why rock salt?

Using Rock Salt To De-Ice Your Garden Paths

White rock salt is pretty miraculous stuff. It is used in a host of industries, including animal feed, our food and cosmetics. Produced by dispersing sea water, it occurs naturally, with extraction methods dating back centuries and still in use today. It is also an excellent de-icing product and works on a wide variety of surfaces.

So what are the benefits of using rock salt in wintry conditions?

The main benefit of using white rock salt as a de-icer is that it swiftly melts both snow and ice. It works by lowering the melting/freezing point of water and is an essential way of ensuring mobility continues during the winter months. With reports that the winter of 2017 is set to be colder than previous winters in the UK, using rock salt will help alleviate the chaos which snow and ice can cause to our lives.

Using Rock Salt To De-Ice Your Garden Paths

There are other benefits, too. As a natural mineral, de-icing salt is easy to store, and will never go out of date or lose its ability to melt ice and snow. This means rock salt can be stored for as long as is required. To avoid lumps forming in the salt, it is best to store it indoors.

De-icing salt has excellent bulk buying options and offers value for money compared to other ice melting products.

Importantly, one of its main advantages is that once spread on the ground, it produces a natural grip underfoot compared with other products which can feel slippery. This makes surfaces safer for us all.