Use the greenhouse to help save cash

With the UK in recession, some may be looking for new ways to save cash without limiting their quality of life.

Recent Office for National Statistics figures show a large drop in the amount spent on food and drink between the second quarter of 2009 and the same period last year.

According to Woman & Home magazine, this is achievable by choosing your foods wisely.

The publications food editor Jane Curran explained that people who opt for fresh fruit and vegetables can reduce their outgoings without sacrificing nutrition.

This may be good news for those with a garden or greenhouse as they can save even more by growing their own food.

Ms Curran said that it is always best to opt for fresh produce, rather than pre-made foods.

"Ready-meals cost a fortune comparatively," she advised. "Be more adventurous with your cooking and try to eat vegetarian meals four times a week."

The editor suggested thrifty families keep quality meat for the Sunday roast, helping to save money without having to make do with sub-standard meals.