Use the garden and greenhouse for exercise and nutrition

At a time when money problems are causing people of most professions to put in extra work and longer hours, it can be more difficult to find the time to exercise and the cash to put good, nutritious food on the table.

But Americans can overcome these issues by making the best of their garden and greenhouse.

Growing your own fruit and vegetables is a great start to establishing a kitchen garden and offers the chance to exercise while providing good food for the family.

Linebaugh Public Library System in Tennessee has announced that it is to offer a set of free classes devoted to gardening and there are similar schemes available across America.

Emily Arnold, who is arranging the classes, told that gardening can be a real pleasure.

"I just want everyone to enjoy growing plants with ease," she said.

"Some people make it so difficult, and its not."

Meanwhile, a recent article on Alabama website suggested starting a church garden to provide food for the congregation and bring the community closer together.