Use raised beds to deal with poor soil

Gardeners spurred on by the summer weather may struggle because of their soil quality it has been suggested.

There has been a trend for growing your own fruit and vegetables, but Gardeners World presenter Pippa Greenwood explained in her blog that the clay and rock-filled soil that many people have can be a hindrance.

She said these conditions often lead to roots rotting before they germinate; meaning coaxing any reasonable harvest can be a struggle.

"My tip for growing crops in planters is to buy ones with drainage holes in the sides as well as the bottom, as they can get quite waterlogged otherwise," Ms Greenwood advised.

She added building a raised garden helped her control conditions in her own garden and said it was not long before she was reaping the benefits.

Meanwhile, the Royal Horticultural Society has announced its garden at Harlow Carr has been voted the best in the north of England.