US children boost vegetable knowledge through garden programme

A number of schoolchildren in the US are taking a greater interest in vegetables as a result of a programme to encourage more youngsters into the garden.

The San Jose Mercury News reports that 11 schools benefited from having gardens started, with the funding for the scheme coming from a grant to the Health Trust.

Raised garden beds were built at the schools, which allowed students to become better educated about where their food originates from.

Among the things taught to the pupils was the importance of soil when planting vegetables and the best way of planting any seeds.

Supervisor Katie Smith told the publication that she has noted the positive impact the programme could have on ensuring that youngsters consume vegetables.

She said: "A lot of kids these days dont know where their food comes from.

"If theyre out in the garden and have a hand in producing it, theyre at least much more likely to try it."

Parents are often told that creativity could be the best way of getting their children to eat fruit and vegetables, while turning them into juices could go some way to helping them consume their five a day.