Upgrade your kitchen to increase home value

With so much contrasting information regarding the prospect of the housing market, many homeowners are planning to stay put and renovate their homes rather than move this year.

However, it appears that there are some renovations that can be more useful than others, with different areas of the house commanding different values when a sale is made.

At the top of the value list, the kitchen can add as much as 25 per cent of the original houses value, making almost all new kitchen costs appear worthwhile against such benefits.

Despite the attractive figures though, there is still room for error, and to make the most of a kitchen conversion, homeowners should think carefully about what changes to make.

"Perhaps along with the living area, the kitchen is the one room that needs to be really carefully planned," said Lesley Watt, design director of Obelisk Interiors.

"This is particularly true of permanent fixtures such as tiles, floors and bench tops, which are difficult and costly to change if you make a mistake."

However, regardless of style tastes, a home with more space is appreciated by all, which is why often the safest bet might be to expand the kitchen into a glazed canopy, or conservatory.

Such an extension could play the part of a breakfast bar or dining room to give your kitchen an airy – and most importantly – light touch to it.