Upcoming Maine gardening events

Maine-based garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been given a handy list of forthcoming horticultural events.

The Free Press revealed that there are a whole host of plant shows and sales coming up this month.

Many of these are taking place from tomorrow (May 15th), such as the Camden Hills Regional High School Plant Sale.

Beginning at 08:00 local time, the event will see the schools botany pupils sell the vegetable and herb seedlings, annuals and perennials they have grown in the greenhouse and garden.

Meanwhile, the Belfast Garden Club Green Thumb Plant Sale is also taking place on Saturday from 09:00 until 11:00.

Attendees at the Belfast Boathouse event will be able to pick up vines, herbs, annuals, perennials and vegetables, as well as a number of other gardening-related items.

The Free Press also advised gardeners planning to transplant anything to ensure that they check for sneaky weeds which might try to piggyback the plant to its new home.

In other news, the Commercial Appeal recently issued advice on caring for azaleas.