Untidy garden and greenhouse could cost £5,000

Brits who fail to properly maintain their garden and greenhouse could end up costing themselves more than £5,000 it has emerged.

According to recent research by QVC, that is the minimum amount that almost half (45 per cent) of people would expect to be knocked off the value of a property if the grounds were untidy.

However, the figures, which were published in Horticulture Week, show that 41 per cent of respondents do no gardening at all, while just 29 per cent do weeding.

Landlords have an equally good reason to take care of their garden and greenhouse as 48 per cent of tenants expect at least £600 per year to be taken off their rent for a messy yard.

QVC gardening presenter Richard Jackson told Horticulture Week that people have no excuse for an untidy green space, especially when selling their home.

"Simple and inexpensive maintenance and weeding plus the addition of a few colourful plants and flowers make all the difference and could save you thousands of pounds," he explained.

Meanwhile, a hedgehog expert has told the Independent that gardeners should do all they can to care for the animals, as they can be very useful to them.