Unique property market more niche

The market for unique and quirky properties – such as converted windmills or those that feature a bespoke conservatory – is different to that of more mainstream homes, it has been asserted.

Jessica Clark, a home party manager at estate agent Unique Home Stays, explained that such houses often remain on the market for longer than more conventional structures.

She notes that this is because it may take a while for a buyer who is particularly suited to the property to come along and take it.

Ms Clark suggests that the process may be slightly more drawn-out as people can become attached to unique homes.

She concludes: "Most people who buy quirky properties tend to stay in them for many years, so they dont come on the market as often as the standard house."

A unique property features in the current series of the Apprentice on the BBC, in which the contestants live in a £5 million luxury converted warehouse in Battersea.