Underfloor heating for conservatories

Ideal Homes magazine is advising readers to kit out their conservatory and pool house with underfloor heating to save wall space.

Many modern, bespoke conservatories are almost completely glazed meaning there is little or no space for radiators to be hung.

With this in mind, underfloor heating may be the answer for conservatory owners.

Ideal homes magazine said there are other benefits to be had by including underfloor heating besides saving space.

"Try underfloor heating, as it gives a constant, more evenly distributed temperature, whereas a radiator provides just one source of heat," the article read.

It recommends the electric heating as it is "easier to install and relatively inexpensive to buy".

Homeowners considering adding a conservatory or pool house should look to use the best materials possible to insulate the area in order to save on heating.

Bespoke conservatories can be beautiful places to enjoy the sun in the summer and even the snow in the winter provided they are properly positioned and designed