Ultimate Home Expo good for growing tips

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts in Utah who have plans for improving their green space may be interested in attending the seventh annual Ultimate Home Expo.

Packed with ideas for the home and garden, the Spectrum and the Southern Utah Home Builders Association (SUHBA) event regularly attracts about 4,000 visitors and is ideal for those planning projects this year, the Dixie Sun reported.

SUHBA director of operations Mari Smith told the newspaper that the event is great for picking up advice from seasoned professionals.

As well as displays of home theatre systems and construction feats, attendees will be able to check out the work of landscapers, gardeners and green living experts.

Prizes such as home improvement-related gifts will be given out in free draws, while there will also be workers handing over items to selected guests as they come through the doors.

Meanwhile, Oregonlive.com has suggested that gardeners will be able to pick up some tips at the annual Muddy Boot Organic Festival, which begins tomorrow (September 10th).