UK mums worried about kids diets

Recent research has found that UK mothers feel they are failing to provide their children with enough nutrition in their diets, showing just how useful growing their own food in a greenhouse could be.

More than a quarter (27 per cent) of those interviewed by Bernard Matthews Farms said they felt under pressure when it comes to preparing meals, while a massive 62 per cent were worried that the food they serve for their kids just isnt good enough. founder Dr Pat Spingin explained that parents often rush through their shopping without thinking about diet.

"They believe that it is difficult to give their children food which is tasty and nutritious," she commented.

"Many parents just dont have the time to think about what theyre making and when theyre buying, they tend to buy in a hurry."

Growing in a greenhouse can save money and ensure a consistent supply of food.

Parents concerned about their kids diets can use their greenhouse and garden to take control of what the family is eating and, by getting kids to help out with the growing, spend some quality time with their children.