UK homes should all have solar panels

Homeowners can harness the power of the sun in different ways, with building a conservatory or glazed kitchen extension just two of these.

It is another method of utilising the power from the sky that interests the National Energy Foundation (NEF), which said solar panels should be fitted to all new properties built in the UK.

According to research from UK Climate Projections, global warming is set to increase the countrys temperatures by two degrees C by 2050 and a spokesman for the NEF explained this could help generate electricity.

He said: "The reality is that the homes of the future have got to be a mixture of stuff – they have got to be very well insulated [and] you have got to get as much out of solar as you can."

The research also showed there is a ten per cent chance of temperatures in the south-east rising by more than eight degrees C by the 2080s.

If this is the case, some Brits may be inclined to invest in a conservatory to help make the most of their garden in the pleasant weather.