UK glass designer enjoys Dubai success

A Hartlepool entrepreneur is considering moving into the Dubai market after two big-name hotels in Dubai City commissioned her work.

Suzi Dear is creative director of Big Studio Glass Design and has enjoyed success in the emirate, despite never even having visited.

The Park Inn and Radisson SAS both commissioned bespoke glassworks to be located in reception areas and bars.

Ms Dear believed that there could be a big market for UK glass designers in the United Arab Emirates and is considering establishing a base there after wining the £300,000 contract.

"Dubai investors have a lot of respect for British designers because of their heritage. US designers don’t have as much history to draw upon," she told NE Business.

"We might think about it [establishing a base in Dubai] in a couple of years but we don’t want to run before we can walk."

The Teeside University graduates glass designs have also won her contracts with a number of UK businesses, including Heathrows T5 and Wimbledons all England Tennis Club.