UK gardener celebrates top crop award

A British gardener has retained his top gardening accolade at a recent event.

The 64th Northwood Annual Show saw gardeners and greenhouse users from across the region compete in displaying their gardening triumphs, the Isle of White County Press reports.

John Hayden, 67, managed to impress the judges to walk away with the Presidents Cup – a prize he also won at last years event – awarded for gaining most points at the show.

Mr Hayden was also presented with the Garden News Shield, which he earned through his tomatoes, beans and potatoes.

"I was delighted to win the cups, particularly the Garden News Shield which to us exhibitors is the most prestigious," he remarked.

Meanwhile, George Spragg took away the Roy Earley Cup and Phillips Cup for his carrots and roses respectively.

Elsewhere in the UK, the Exmouth gardening show will see a variety of fruit and vegetables on display when it takes place on September 12th.

As well as the competition, visitors will be able to enjoy stalls of homemade produce, flowers and childrens activities, according to