TV show could rejuvenate conservatory

A Bracknell couple are hoping that auctioning off their junk on a TV show will raise enough money and create enough space to rejuvenate their conservatory.

Kim Halliday and Tim Bastock will appear on UKTV Styles Gutted! in May after allowing TV crews to turn their house upside down in search of sellable items.

The show, which is hosted by Mark Durden-Smith, asks homeowners to list which possessions they would like to keep from memory and then auctions the rest, according to

Following the auction, contestants have the choice of keeping the money or returning home with their possessions.

Mr Bastock revealed that the conservatory has become clogged with junk over the years and that he hoped appearing on the show could give it the new lease of life it deserves.

"Our conservatory has been a dumping ground for all sorts of stuff but this TV programme has since come and completely gutted it," he told the news provider.

UKTV Style also features home improvement favourites like Homes under the Hammer, Cash in the Attic and Changing Rooms.