TV presenter reveals garden plans for 2011

TV and radio horticulture expert Bunny Guinness has revealed she is planning to increase the number of international plants, techniques and designs in her garden in 2011.

Ms Guinness explained in the Daily Mail that she feels "refreshed and invigorated" whenever she works on outdoor spaces abroad.

"You pick up different approaches and planting styles as well as possible plants," she noted.

Her other projects for the coming months include increasing the productivity of her garden so she can measure food metres instead of miles, along with adding to her collection of bees.

After the success of her first hive she is planning to obtain two more, as watching them come and go has become her "daily obsession".

"If it’s sunny and the bees are flying, all is well," she said.

More greenhouse enthusiasts will be looking to grow British produce this year as the environmental impact of food miles becomes more important, Garden Industry Manufacturers’ Association director Neil Gow recently told Horticulture Wee