Try gardening to stay fit and healthy

Older people should indulge in a spot of gardening to keep themselves physically and mentally fit, a website has suggested.

According to, the activity can be good exercise for those who require more gentle activities to stay in shape.

It quoted founder Stacy Walters advice on warming up before carrying out work in the garden and greenhouse.

"Consider simply walking back and forth for about five minutes before you begin," she suggested.

"Use the time to gather and organize your tools for the day."

Ms Walters website offers a full range of tips on how to prepare for horticultural exertions.

Among the hints on offer, the online resource states gardeners should always bend the knees when lifting, rather than the waist.

It said this should help avoid injuring your back and should help keep you supple and feeling less stiff the next day.

Growing your own food has been in the news frequently this year, with first lady Michelle Obama leading by example in creating her own kitchen garden at the White House.