Tributes to Sheffields Head Gardener

The head of Sheffield’s parks, Arroll Winning has died at the aged of 86. He was the driving force behind the restoration of the city’s Botanical Gardens, and was the head of Sheffield’s parks for 15 years.

He left the city a flourishing legacy thanks to his hard work on the Botanical Gardens, which he started in 1984. Curator Ian Turner said;

“The Botanical Gardens are an asset to the city, but they are the way they are because of what he started back in 1984.”

Born in Scotland, Arroll studied and then taught horticulture, before moving south in 1967 to become Director of Recreation. Boasting an encyclopaedic knowledge of plants, he was honoured in 2007 by the Royal Horticultural Society for his outstanding contribution to horticulture.

Paul Billington, Sheffield’s director of culture and environment said;

“Arroll was a great servant to the city…His legacy is a city full of wonderful parks.”

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