Top greenhouse choice revealed

One of the key decisions when buying a greenhouse is deciding whether to go for a freestanding or attached model, it has been suggested.

A freestanding structure can allow gardeners to choose the best site possible and maximise the amount of sunshine, Organic Gardening reports.

However, their comparatively stronger frames and greater exposure to the elements means they can be more expensive, the resource continued.

Attached greenhouses, on the other hand, get less sun but are cheaper to assemble and are easier to plug into a home’s existing water and electricity supplies.

"You can even have a greenhouse on the north side of your house if you’re willing to add supplemental lighting or grow plants that prefer shade," the website added.

Gardeners who buy a greenhouse in the next two weeks who want to grow tomatoes would be advised to plant them this month, former BBC Gardeners’ World presenter Nigel Colborn said in the Daily Mail recentl