Top gardening summer tips

Summer is a great time to enjoy your gardening hobby and by taking the right steps, you can grow a selection of plants and keep your garden looking great. Gabriel Ash offers a selection of accessories that will keep your greenhouse plants at their best during the warmer months.

Here are some gardening tips for summer:

·         Start deciding which plants you would like to grow in your garden. Dahlias and quick blooming seeds such as nasturtiums and sunflowers are a good choice for summer. Orchids and desert type plants such as cacti are also a great choice for this season, as they will thrive in the heat. Always research the needs of any plants you are planning to grow if you are unfamiliar with them, as this will enable you to provide them with what they need in order to thrive.

·         Select the right location. Choose the right spot for growing your plants. Avoid placing plants that do not need lots of sunlight in sunny areas and only place plants that require a minimal amount of sun in shaded areas. If you have experienced any problems with plant disease, then avoid growing plants in any affected areas of your garden. Choosing the right area to grow your plants will enable them to thrive and will reduce problems such as pests and plant disease.

·         Experiment with pots. Summer is a good time to grow a selection of plants in pots. A selection of vegetables and herbs such as basil can be grown in pots and make a great addition to summer salads. Pots plants are the perfect solution for those wishing to grow a selection of plants during summer but lack space in their garden.

·         Accessorise your garden. Summer is a time when the garden is used the most, so consider sprucing it up with some accessories. There are a wide range of garden items available from attractive ornaments and pond accessories to bird baths and stylish garden spotlights. Hanging baskets are also a popular addition during summer and will help to brighten up your garden.

·         Spruce up your shed or greenhouse. The warmer weather gives you the chance to spend some time making improvements to your shed or greenhouse. A lick or paint or wood preservatives will help to keep your shed or greenhouse looking as good as new and you can also arrange a clearout so that you can create extra space for any gardening tools that you will need to use during summer.

·         Start collecting rainwater. If you can, start collecting rainwater and making other preparations so that you can keep your plants healthy during summer. This is particularly vital for those affected by the hosepipe ban. If you can, select plants that require less water.

·         Keep pests at bay. There is more risk of pests damaging your plants during summer, so keep them at bay by using organic methods of pest removal. If you are planning to grow a selection of plants in your greenhouse during the summer, then make sure there is good air circulation and that the humidity levels within your greenhouse are suitable, as this will help to reduce the risk of pest infestations and plant diseases.


Alan Jackson

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