Top garden accessories identified

As gardening becomes an increasingly popular activity, products associated with the pastime have become wider in their range and more fashionable in design, online resource GleeWire notes.

It has identified a number of accessories that it states are "perfect" for the modern gardener.

They include more traditional items such as garden gnomes and flamingos for people eager to add some character to their green space, as well as slightly more practical objects.

Horticulturalists eager to keep their gardens in order could well find they benefit from investing in boxes to keep their seeds separate and organised or welly boot bags which provide a clean and simple way to carry around muddy boots.

People keen to relax in their green spaces may find they are tempted to purchase garden furniture such as deckchairs, which are available in styles to suit any garden.

Those investing in garden accessories may wish to ensure that they have adequate security measures in place, rural insurer NFU Mutual recently suggested.