Top architect gives interior design tips

A leading international designer has issued her three main tips to make interior spaces in the home feel warm and personal, Earth Times reports today (February 26th).

Lauren Rottet, who designs prestigious buildings and interiors all over the world, has explained that homeowners can easily improve the atmosphere in a property.

The first approach she outlines is to embrace a homes architectural style by letting the structure and design details play a predominant role as they serve as an interior design roadmap.

Secondly, she advocates increasing the natural light and view in a home, which may come in the shape of constructing a conservatory for some households.

She told the news provider: "Natural light makes any personal space feel warm and comfortable. And by making outdoor views part of the interior composition, we instantly add dimension to a room."

Finally, Ms Rottet talks up the value of decorating a home with feature art which expresses the homeowners personal style, something she describes as "the most important design message".

Ms Rottets company currently boasts over 30 million square feet of built designs.