Top 5 gardening tips for April

With summer just around the corner, there are a number of tasks that you can carry out to prepare your garden for the warmer months.
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Here are 5 top gardening tips for April.

1.    Start planting your summer flowering bulbs

If you wish to grow a selection of summer plants such as dahlias or lilies, then April is the time to start planting them. Although temperatures are warmer in April, you should still keep any vulnerable plants and new shoots protected, as there is still a chance of late frosts. Water any new plants regularly and if growing lilies, keep them in indirect sunlight in a room that is cool. Later in the month, when the frosts have gone, move your lilies from a pot to a sunny spot in your garden and provide them with plenty of water.

2.    Keep an eye out for pests and plant diseases

As the weather grows warmer, there is an increased risk of pests and plant diseases. Check areas in your garden or greenhouse where pests are likely to be hiding. Check for any signs of plant disease. If any of your plants are infected, throw them out, along with their soil. To avoid causing further damage, use chemical-free pesticides and fungicides. There are a wide range of organic pest sprays and fungicides available that you can use to eliminate pests and diseases without harming your plants and garden.

3.    Ventilate your greenhouse

If you are planning to grow a selection of plants in your greenhouse in the summer, then make sure that it is well ventilated. Without ventilation, a greenhouse will become overheated and the warmer temperatures will attract pests and diseases. Add ventilation and install a thermometer in your greenhouse so you can keep an eye on the temperature. Keep the door of your greenhouse open.

4.    Take care of your lawn

April is the time to start treating your lawn to keep it in good condition for the summer. Mow your lawn and use a lawn fertiliser to improve its colour and keep it healthy. Make sure that your gardening tools, such as your lawnmower, are in good condition. Check the blade of your lawnmower and replace any tools that are faulty. Summer is a busy time for gardening, so April is the time to start making sure that your lawnmower and other tools are in good condition.

5.    Start adding features to your garden

If you wish to create an attractive outdoor area for friends and family during the summer, then April is the time to start making improvements to your garden. Consider adding attractive features such as ornaments or if you have a pond, add some attractive aquatic plants. You may also wish to consider adding a bird fountain and placing a selection of bird feeders in your garden. Attracting wildlife to your garden will not only keep your garden looking lively during summer but will also help to keep certain pests, such as slugs and snails, at bay.

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