Too good gardener told not to enter show

A gardener has been told not to enter the vegetable competition as his local vegetable show because he is too good.

Organisers of the North Cadbury and District Horticultural Society in Somerset have asked 73-year-old David Stirzaker not to compete in this year’s show, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Mr Stirzaker has won 12 cups in four years at the show displaying his carrots, parsnips and tomatoes, but this consistency is putting other potential competitors off, the organisation claimed.

"This is my hobby and I have been supporting their show for four years," he said. "I find the request very insulting – it is a competition so I would have thought it is down to other growers to try harder if they want to beat me."

The horticulture guru added that he wanted nothing more to do with the society and said they can collect his trophies he has won to date.

Growing vegetables is cheaper than purchasing them from the shops and better for the environment, chief executive officer of Global Action Plan Trewin Restorack said recentl