Tomatoes in the greenhouse

Greenhouses are great places for growing tomatoes, especially with the changeable UK weather.

Growing tomatoes should be done in a quality soil, and the National Vegetable Society has given some advice on how to get it just right.

"If growing in soil in the bed of the glasshouse, I must emphasize that not any old garden soil will do," writes the author.

"I have grown a large amount of runner beans in the same area and over the years this has given me a lovely soil, full of nutrients as I incorporate large amounts of leaf mould and rotted manure into the trenches.

"The soil from one of these trenches was transferred into one side of the glasshouse."

The society suggests that a dressing made of blood, fish and bone should then be applied, at around 5oz per yard.

Calcified seaweed and a little lime will also help grow healthy tomatoes.

It is best to sow the seeds in February or March and keep the plants well supported and ventilated, especially when growing under glass.