Tomato tips

Gardening enthusiasts eager to try growing their own produce have been given a quick guide to tomatoes by expert Alys Fowler.

She explains that cherry types are smaller and are sweeter than many other varieties.

At the other end of the scale are Beefsteaks, which she notes can be "huge" and weigh up to a pound.

Meanwhile, plum tomatoes are cylindrical, have fewer seeds than other varieties and are good for making sauces with, Ms Fowler explains.

Continuing, she states that tomatoes are split into two types, indeterminate and determinate.

Determinates will top-off themselves and as such are ideal for containers and lazy gardeners, while indeterminates will carry on growing until the first frost and therefore the gardener has control over the height of the plant.

The British Tomato Growers Association notes that British Tomato Week is due to take place from May 19th – 25th, adding that its members are hoping to make this years event "extra special".