To move or to improve – that is the question

A building news provider has suggested that it may be better to improve the home rather than move house.

The article, which appears on, suggested that loft conversions and conservatories are just two great ways of adding to the living space in a home.

It quotes James Allen Construction managing director James Squirrell, who claims improving can even add value to the home.

"Costing £15K – £35K, they (loft conversions) can add about 15% to the value of your home," he said.

"Most homes built before 1975 are suitable for a loft conversion, which adds another room or two in the attic space.

"The work takes about 12 weeks and the builders access the roof from the outside, which means there shouldnt be too much disruption until they break through to build the new stairs."

A conservatory can be an ideal solution for those without adequate loft space, or those who dont want to sacrifice the storage benefits of the loft.