To buy or to build?

Price sharing site WhatPrice? has been weighing up the benefits of building a conservatory rather than moving home.

It suggests that a conservatory is a good way of adding extra living space to the home and can also save money when chosen over moving house.

"Adding a conservatory to your home will increase the size of one of your down stairs rooms. This can be especially useful for a new family with children on the way," it says.

"Remember that the costs associated with moving house could easily be more than £10,000 especially if you were to include the absurd stamp duty payable."

The article also points to the benefit of allowing extra light into the home, while providing a "smoother transition from your living or dining room into the garden".

Allowing natural sunlight into your home can lead to a greater feeling of happiness and health for you and your family.

Hospital studies have shown natural light to be key in the healing process and have all round health benefits.