Titchmarsh versus Clarkson

Two of Britain’s most beloved TV heavyweights clashed this week as Alan Titchmarsh hit back at controversial comments in Jeremy Clarkson’s latest book.

The Top Gear presenter – well known for his provocative commentary – has claimed that gardening only appealed to older people, and that the activity was a “pointless way of passing time until you die.”

Unsurprisingly, Titchmarsh did not take too kindly to Clarkson inflammatory remarks, responding by saying gardening was an “energising” activity that helped “broaden the mind”.

Titchmarsh said;

“Let’s get this straight.  Gardening is about growing geraniums, planting hanging baskets and tending window boxes…gardening is not an essentially sedentary pastime, it is a vital and energising involvement with the world that surrounds us. Gardens and open spaces lift the spirits, broaden the mind, heighten the senses and thrill every bit as much as the transitory roar of a Ferrari…”


Image courtesy of Grand Tour Nation.