Tips on teaching kids garden and greenhouse techniques

A childrens activities specialist from Baltimore has been giving gardening tips on

Caren Watson explained teaching kids how to grow things in the garden or greenhouse can be fun and has distributed some advice for those looking to share their knowledge with their youngsters.

She suggested horticulturalists take a safety first approach by removing large boulders and logs, while keeping any tools with the jagged edge facing down and out of the way of children.

Ms Watson advised letting kids plan the garden out on paper to help them gain an appreciation into the thought process behind growing.

"Pick your plants wisely depending on the calendar so youll be able to eat them when you want them," she wrote, adding a calendar can be useful for tracking what was planted and when.

The author concluded by suggesting growing marigolds could help ward off mosquitoes.

Meanwhile, another writer Jennifer Allan explained teaching kids to grow their own food can keep them busy during school holidays and improve their diet.