Tips on keeping the garden safe

Lovers of gardens and greenhouses should take care to protect their domain during the summer months, it has been asserted.

Expensive plants, furnishings and equipment should be protected by installing a fence and gates to stop intruders gaining entry to grounds at the rear or side of the house, according to insurance provider More Than.

It also suggests installing outdoor lighting to help protect, homes, gardens, greenhouses and sheds from becoming victims of crime at night.

Homeowners should consider high-efficiency, low-energy automatic light illuminations that come on from dusk until dawn, the firm recommends.

"A quick scan around the average family garden and you could find a state-of-the-art barbeque, outdoor heaters, expensive garden furniture and other garden paraphernalia that all adds up to a hefty amount," the insurer explains.

Savvy gardeners are advised to choose thorny and prickly varieties of plants for the gardens perimeter to ward off any light-fingered snoopers.

Former burglar Michael Fraser explained homeowners should look to install solid locks and gates as thieves will look for weak points when scoping a property.

Speaking on behalf of AlertMe, he added criminals are not deterred by dogs as it means properties are unlikely to have alarms installed.