Tips on growing your plants organically

Gabriel Ash offers a wide selection of greenhouses and cold frames for those wishing to experiment with growing their own plants, fruit and vegetables organically.
Growing your plants, fruit and vegetables organically will provide you with a wide range of health benefits and will also help to provide a healthier atmosphere within your greenhouse and garden.

By growing your own fruit and vegetables, you and your family can be provided with healthy, nutritious and delicious food that is free of chemicals. You can also consider growing a selection of your own herbs, which can be added to your home-cooked dishes.

There are a number of methods that you can use to create a healthier environment for your plants, including improving your soil. Instead of using fertilisers and other soil products that contain chemicals, you can create your own healthy compost. If you have not already done so, then start by composting household waste such as vegetable peelings, corrugated paper and used tea bags. You can also compost garden waste such as weeds, twigs and cuttings.

When creating organic compost, it is vital that you know what is suitable to use. Compost should only consist of household waste that is healthy to use and not cooked meats or pastry. These items will rot, making them unsuitable for organic gardening.

When growing your own plants, fruit or vegetables organically, pests can often be a problem. To reduce problems with pests whilst still keeping your plants free from chemicals, use organic methods of pest removal.
Sticky traps or blasts of water will help to remove pests, but only concentrate on getting rid of pests that are a threat to your plants. Some insects and wildlife, such as birds, ladybirds and frogs, will help to get rid of pesky insects, so you may wish to welcome them to your garden.

Researching safe methods and sprays to use for organic gardening will help to improve your chances of growing your own plants, fruit and vegetables successfully. Avoid using certain weed killers or wood preservatives as these may damage your plants or lawn. Making sure that you are aware of what is and is not harmful to your garden will enable you to create an environment that is not only healthier for your plants but also for yourself, your family and for any regular visitors that you have to your garden.

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