Tips on growing a neat lawn

ABC News recently explored the intricacies of trimming grass and discussed how it can be difficult to cut it to a level that is aesthetically pleasing, while helping the blades remain healthy.

It explained that the growth of the lawn comes from the base, so trimming up to a third off the top should be ok.

Using a rotary mower helps suck the blades skywards, standing on end and making it easier to achieve a uniform cut, the article advised.

Growers were told to remember that similar length grass improves appearance, rather than cutting it as short as possible.

Mowing should be done when the blades are dry and lawns which have been left to grow long should be trimmed down in stages, taking away any excess grass between mowing.

This, according to the article, will stop unnecessary shock and damage to the leaves by cutting off too much at once.

Meanwhile, the Department of Health and Human Services stated that gardening can be a good way to keep fit, but urged growers to ensure they take safety precautions to protect themselves.