Tips for Tennessee garden and greenhouse enthusiasts

Tennessee garden and greenhouse fans have been given a number of gardening tips from a local newspaper.

The Commercial Appeal suggested that those with hydrangea plants discover what type they have before pruning.

Mophead varieties should only be pruned to remove deadwood and should be left until April, while oakleaf hydrangeas should be left until late summer.

It also advised gardeners that now is the best time to plant trees, with sweet gum and sugar maple being good choices for fall colours.

The former produces yellow, red and purple tones, while the latter goes from yellow to orange.

Gardeners should choose male trees as the female varieties can produce a smelly fruit, the newspaper advised.

Meanwhile, the Knoxville News Sentinel agreed that now is an ideal time to plant trees, suggesting a three or four-inch layer of mulch is applied to help insulate the roots.

Fertilizer should also be applied before the soil freezes over to help provide nourishment for the trees in spring.